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Book A Trial- It's best to book a hairstyling trial with your chosen stylist. This gives you the peace of mind that you are getting the hairstyle thats best for you. You also have the chance to get to know your stylist, this will help you feel more comfortable and less stressed out on the big day.

Bring EVERYTHING- you can to your trial This includes your accessories, photos of the styles you like and a picture of you in your dress.

Stay true to YOU- If you are a natural girl consider beach waves and floral accessories. If you like a more dramatic look embrace it. If you don't like hair in your face wear it back. You don't want be looking at a stranger in the mirror on your wedding day. 

Be open to "extra help"- Don't shy away from extensions or hair pieces. No one needs to know but you and your stylist. If you really want the extra length or bulk ask your stylist to recommend a little something extra.

Take care of your locks- Take the time to have regular haircuts and treatments. This will ensure you look your best and feel great on your wedding day.

Ask questions- Your stylist may have ideas that you wouldn't normally consider. As well don't be afraid to ask to try more than one look at your trial. Dust like a wedding dress you don't try the one dress you were thinking of but many different ones. As well take the time to be sure that your stylist has all required licensing and stays current with the local educational standards. Ask about their education and if they have insurance. This is a good indicator of if you are working with a true professional.

Be flexible- Mountain weather can be unpredictable. If the weather isn't what you planned you may need to adjust your style to suit the day.

Have clean dry hair- The myth that dirty hair styles better is just that, a myth. For best results wash and dry your hair the night before or morning of and do not pre style with any heat tools like an iron. You can compromise the strength of any secondary styling and end up looking flat over time.

Enjoy the moment- This is the most important tip! You only get to do this once. Embrace the positive loving energy on your wedding day. It's a high like no other and not easily recreated.